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Digital Advertorial

The Digital Advertorial consists of a prominently placed stage on the homepage and an associated article page, the design of which is based on the screen design. In close collaboration with you, an external editor writes a text and prepares it with eye-catching images and graphics in the usual editorial style.

The Digital Advertorial can be combined with Social Media Package I.

The Digital Advertorial is created in close collaboration with an external editor. Text and images are prepared in the style of an editorial report.

Input for the editor includes: texts, images, graphics, links, contact data, download PDFs, etc.
All components of the Digital Advertorial are marked as “Anzeige” (advertisement).

Click HERE to discover an example of the Digital Advertorial.

Price: € 9,900

The key things at a glance
  • Terms of payment & discounts: All information about payment terms and our discounts can be found here.
  • Period: Monday - Sunday (1 week)
  • Deadline for data delivery: After coordination with the editor.
  • Linking: Please only send us "https" links. http pages will not load in many browsers.
  • Specifications: All technical specifications can be found here.
  • Tracking pixel and click-count URL can be integrated. Please also refer to our Tracking Guideline.

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