Whitepaper: Whitepaper

What it is: The whitepaper allows you to present your company, product or services in detail. It is offered to TextilWirtschaft users for download.

What sets it apart: You can explain complex topics, services or software in detail and understandably in your whitepaper. Direct marketing to TextilWirtschaft users is just one of the many advantages of a whitepaper.

Who reads it: Users who are explicitly interested in the topic you have elaborated download your whitepaper and leave the desired contact data. This will provide you with highly qualified leads. Various add-ons can increase the reach presence.

The basic package:
  • TW guarantees 450,000 ad impressions on the advertising media during the marketing of your whitepaper on various digital channels

Price: 15.000 €

Would you like a little more?

You can freely choose from the following add-ons:

  • TW sends an exclusive e-blast1 to around 44,000 recipients Price: €6,100
  • TW posts an image on LinkedIn2 with text, hashtag and linking Price: €2,600
  • TW extends the marketing period3 by two weeks Price: € 5,500

1 includes three selected news (editor's choice); bookable once per whitepaper
2bookable up to three times per whitepaper, every 2 weeks
3plus 225,000 ad impressions guaranteed = total 675,000 ad impressions

You don't have your own whitepaper yet? We are happy to help.

  • An external editor writes and designs your whitepaper (12 pages).
    TW takes care of the lead generation Price: 8.500 €

Whitepaper: Examples


The basic package includes:
  • Four-week placement of your existing whitepaper on an independent stage on TextilWirtschaft.de/events
  • Guarantee of 450,000 ad impressions on the advertising media during the marketing of your whitepaper on various digital channels

Please deliver 2 weeks before campaign start:

  • Title of your existing whitepaper
  • Logo (jpeg or png; max. 400 x 200 px; max. 100 KB; 72 dpi)
  • short description for event stage (850 characters incl. spaces)
  • open advertising material file (.indd or .ai or .psd) OR color request (optional) (RGB or HEX) OR image (optional) (jpg or png; max. 200 x 200 px; max. 100 KB)

The content concept includes:
  • The support of an external editor, who will be provided to you as a partner for the content conception of the whitepaper.
  • Please note that this requires an early agreement, ideally 8 weeks before the start of marketing.
A LinkedIn post includes:

The promotion of the booked whitepaper via the LinkedIn account of TextilWirtschaft in the form of a post that is marked as "advertisement

Please provide us with the following components 2 weeks before the start of marketing:

  • Image (1200 x 627 px)
  • Link to your whitepaper (if the content conception of the whitepaper is not part of the package)
  • Text (max. 400 characters including spaces, corresponds to max. 5-6 lines)
  • Max. 4 hashtags
  • Name of your company account that is to be linked
An exclusive e-blast includes:
  • A one-off, exclusive newsletter to promote the white paper to around 44,000 recipients
  • Screen design based on that of TextilWirtschaft
  • Marking as "advertisement"; includes three selected news (editor's choice)

Please provide us with the following 2 weeks before the start of marketing:

  • Header image 560 px x 250 px; 72 dpi; jpg or png
  • Headline (30 - 70 characters incl. spaces)
  • Text (2,500 - 3,000 characters incl. spaces and formatted)
  • Links (embedded in the text)
  • Please underline the words to be linked and write the exact link in parentheses after it.
    All contacts can be found here(https://www.textilwirtschaft-medien.net/kontakt/) on our website.

You have questions or need more information?

Your media consultant:

Franziska Welp
Deputy Publishing Director

We are happy to get in touch.

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