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TW Trend-Info: Lights, Camera, Action

Twice a year, right on time for the ordering season, the TW editorial team presents the top trends of the upcoming season in seven Trend-Info clips. The clips will be promoted through editorial content, social media, and the TW event hub. They serve as a valuable source of information for retail buyers and offer the perfect opportunity to enhance the visibility of your brand.

✓ Visibility among the target audience: Trend-Info provides the ideal setting to present your brand and collection amidst current trends, ensuring visibility among your target audience.
✓ Positive image transfer: Unlock the full potential of your brand by benefiting from TW's positive brand image transfer, strengthening your brand in the process.

Ready for more visibility?

Your brand's visibility in the long clip

Your brand's visibility in the short clips

Your brand's visibility in the mailings

Take a look inside: That was the TW Trend-Info S/S 2024.

All Trend-Info S/S 2024 clips can also be found on YouTube.

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