TW MAGAZINE: 2x Junior Page (above waistband)

2x Junior Page (above waistband)

2x Junior Page image ad

284 x 215 mm plus 4 mm trim per outer edge

Image ad                                                                  € 20,100

2x Junior Page advertorial

284 x 215 mm plus 4 mm trim per outer edge

The Advertorial is created in close cooperation with an external editor. Texts and images are edited in the style of an editorial report. The advertorial is marked as “Anzeige” (advertisement).

Advertorial                                                                          € 21,900

The key things at a glance
  • Terms of payment and discounts: All information about payment terms and our discounts can be found here.
  • Frequency: Magazine: weekly, every Thursday, E-paper: Wednesday evening
  • Advertising and printing copy deadline: Wednesday (10 am) of the week preceding publication
  • Print documents up to 10 MB to:
  • Please note: All advertisements, texts, logos, and other items must be placed within at least 10 mm of the lateral trim edge and 5 mm of the upper and lower trim edge. 
  • Specifications: All technical specifications can be found here.

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